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Asthma Inhaler

General care

  • Monitor vital signs

  • Wound care for pressure injury ulcer / Surgical wound/ Stoma

  • Dressing and management of central venous catheter(e.g. PICC, Hickman catheter, Port-A catheter)

  • Tube care (e.g. PEG, nasogastric tubes, urinary catheters)

  • Drug administration (e.g. Intravenous injections, Subcutaneous injections etc.)

  • Specimen collection and testing 

Home TPN (total parenteral nutrition)

  • After doctor's assessment for administrating  home TPN. TPN provides a way to provide the body vital nutrients through an IV drip.

  • The IV drip usually contains a personalized mixture of the following: Fluids, Sugars, Vitamins, Mineral, Electrolytes, Amino Acids, Lipids

  • *bolus injection also available with additional fee

Private Nurse Service

  • Establish a tailor-made nursing care plan for our clients, enable our customers to enjoy a high-quality life at home

  • monitor of ventilator/ BiPAP

  • Patient and caregiver education

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